July 8, 2004

BT Classifieds

Posted in Customer-service at 9:51 am by David Gould

Having sold Yellow Pages and bought Scoot, last year BT started a competing service with Yellow Pages called BT Classifieds. I have never encountered such a badly run business and that includes Telewest.

I booked an advert 9 months ahead of printing time, but having heard nothing in all that time, I cancelled it. Perhaps I was unconvincing in my termination letter because the advert (which I’ve still never seen) was printed anyway. My bank account was debited about 40 as a first installment. I asked for a refund & a copy of the advert. Neither happened.

I was issued with a demand around February. This was apparently resolved and I made the same requests, again ignored.

I received a further demand today for 121.26. I called the number which rang & rang and was finally answered after about 5 mins. The person I spoke to sounded helpful, but once bitten…

I was also told that BT were planning a multi-million pound TV advertising campaign. If anyone has seen such an advert for BT classifieds, let me know.


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