August 8, 2004

Changing chocolate standards

Posted in Indulgence at 9:25 pm by David Gould

Does anyone remember Mars ice-cream bars when they first came out? How about Lindt dark chocolate?

What these have in common is they now don’t taste as nice as they used to, presumably because the manufacturers started using cheap ingredients.

The nicest chocolate bars I’ve found recently are Mars Delight and Guylian Praline (rare).

How long before the manufacturers cheap-out on these currently delicious morsels?

I’m also quite fond of Galaxy’s Caramel & Praline bars. The new Nestle Double bars are great too. Lion bars seem to have improved a lot. Aside from these, the best chocolate we can now buy is supermarket own-brand chocolate. Lidl’s Bellarom with almonds used to be awesome. Somerfield dark chocolate & high cocoa chocolate is excellent. I understand that Sainsbury’s dark chocolate is also good.

Now, this isn’t a complaint I can make about Cadbury’s. Cadbury’s has always used cheap ingredients. The European Comission tried to prevent them from even calling it chocolate. They use vegetable oil instead of milk, for God’s sake.


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