September 27, 2004

American democracy is a joke

Posted in Politics at 2:39 pm by David Gould

As dysfunctional as the British political system currently is, at least there’s some semblance of plausibility.

The same cannot be said for the race to be the American President for the next 4 years. Considering Bush’s record so far which compelled 250,000 Americans to demonstrate purely for the purpose of getting him out… he should have no chance of being re-elected to office.

“Should” meaning that in any reasonable democratic system, the votes for any half-decent opposing candidate would dwarf Bush’s share.

Why then have the Democrats put forwards John Kerry?  Has he only recently become so obviously unelectable?

The answer, of course, is that Mrs Clinton is not ready, but doesn’t want to have to wait 8+ years.  A decent Democratic candidate (Dean) might hold office for 8 years, with a possible reversal back to Republican president (Cain) for another 8 years, which means that Hillary might have to wait 16 years, bless.  I guess Bill thinks she earned it.

Then there’s the whole debacle over Kerry’s Vietnam record.  The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were so effective in casting doubt that the Democrats accused Bush of running a smear campaign. Bush is considered so untrustworthy that he’s had to distance himself from the Group and ask McCain to investigate rules.


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