October 22, 2004

When mythmakers believe their myths

Posted in War on Terror at 4:41 am by David Gould

At what point does a conspiracy theory become accepted reality?

The first of three parts of The Power of Nightmares described how a conservative think-tank looked to explain the failed liberal policies of the 60s & 70s. A Jewish political philospher, Leo Strauss, claimed the greed, conflict and loneliness of Western society was a necessary consequence of the individual right to freedom.
Strauss taught that cultural leaders had to create a shared pride, creating myths if necessary.

Consequently, neo-conservatists sought to influence American politics. In order to engender a mass belief in America, the neo-cons needed an enemy — The Soviet Union.

So Donald Rumsfeld and an ‘independent’ commission exaggerated Soviet military capabilities. If this doesn’t sound familiar enough, the neo-cons actually persuaded the Reagan administration that the USSR was behind ALL worldwide terrorist networks.


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