November 3, 2004

Al-Qaeda does not exist

Posted in War on Terror at 10:37 pm by David Gould

Despite the fact we know Blair and Bush have lied to us, I never considered a deception on this scale.

The third part of Power of Nightmares deconstructed every bit of the Al-Qaeda myth.

Now I’m not saying that 19 mostly-Saudi Arabs didn’t hijack 4 planes. Which is why we hunted Afghan and Iraqi Arabs, right?

The name Al-Qaeda was first invented by the US in order to prosecute Bin Laden in his absence.  Bin Laden never used it before 9/11.

Now let’s go through the other attacks supposedly perpetuated by Al-Qaeda.

Anthrax?  Traced to a US military scientist.

Sleeper cells?  No proof.  Not one of the 600+ arrests made in Britain has been convicted of terrorist charges.

Training grounds and underground fortresses in Afghanistan? Never found.

Madrid train bombing?  They’re prosecuting a 16-year old boy from a broken home.

Ricin in London?  Turned out to be wheat germ.

Iraq? Al-Zarqiwi expressed a need to JOIN forces.  Evidence that until recently, the groups were separate.

By creating this myth, we’ve cultivated the fear which allowed Bush to get re-elected, we’ve condoned human rights abuses and promoted a banner to entice disenfranchised people around the world into attacking us.

Some people even question whether Bin Laden is still alive


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