December 18, 2004

Lord Butler comes clean

Posted in War on Terror at 4:07 am by David Gould

Whatever Tony Blair promised Lord Butler to exonerate him on the WMD lies obviously fell short as Butler finally delivered the truth we all knew: that the Iraq Dossier was fudged because it didn’t support the government’s case for war.

He also delivered a blistering attack Blair’s “inner circle” executive style of government:

“I think we are a country where we suffer very badly from Parliament not having sufficient control over the executive, and that is a very grave flaw.We should be breaking away from the party whip. The executive is much too free to bring in a huge number of extremely bad Bills, a huge amount of regulation and to do whatever it likes – and whatever it likes is what will get the best headlines tomorrow.

All that is part of what is bad government in this country.” BBC report on Spectator article


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