February 4, 2005

Labour running scared on ID cards

Posted in ID cards at 9:24 pm by David Gould

After the Tories decided they’d rather lose the ‘law & order’ vote than appear fascist, Labour denied the Tories’ right to oppose them:

“It is irresponsible for the Tories to first say they would support ID cards but then say they will not vote in support of them this week.” – Home Office minister Des Browne.

But at least Des actually believes in the scheme. Charles Clarke and Gordon Brown apparently don’t and it turns out that Blair was previously skeptic.

Yet our head of government is insisting Labour Whips force their massive Commons majority to vote for this bill.

Seems a lot of people forgot that regional representation is the basis of our democracy. The sole duty of MPs is to serve their constituents.

Regardless, this vote is likely to be the worst result this Labour Party have ever faced (including Iraq) and will encourage the Lords to block the bill.

Especially with your help. Please fax your MP now, before the Final vote this Thursday 10th February.

Here’s why the Database State scares me to death

Any future government & several hundred civil servants will know pretty much everything there is to know about you. They will have unlimited access to your bank & credit accounts, phone & internet records, tax records, medical records etc.

Civil servants don’t have the best record on sanity. So you better be extremely careful who you upset in future.

Now all it takes is for a few scary stories (true or false) to appear in the press about the government victimising campaigners and our delicate democracy is gone.

The first and only major step towards this Database State is, of course, the creation of the database itself.

Given how the government has rushed through this �5.5+ billion plan, lied about passport requirements & the extent of opposition, and failed to answer any of the criticism by their own committees… what chance would we have of stopping amendments to the database in future?

Since we have no constitution, all our rights are protected only by a disorganised set of laws. Yet we have seen a Labour-driven erosion of the powers of the Judiciary, the Monarchy and the House of Lords… combined with a massive increase in police powers.


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