February 27, 2005

Welcome to New Britain. Papers please…

Posted in Totalitarianism at 6:21 pm by David Gould

I wonder how history will look back at Blair’s government?
Will he be seen as the PM who took us into 5 wars, including Iraq-nam? Or will he be seen as the PM who systematically dismantled all the safeguards against dictatorship & tyranny?

I’ve written extensively on the “information is power” ID Bill. Let’s see what House Arrest really means:

At the Home Secretary’s whim (ie without a warrant):
– anyone can be confined indefinitely as well as having phone and internet access cut off.
– the police can break your front door in half and search your property at any moment. And you have to pay for the door.

We apparently didn’t need these laws when the IRA was bombing mainland England, so why do we need them when there has been no evidence of terrorist attacks on Britain since? Yes we need to be vigilant, but we also need to keep government accountable to the public.

These laws are being railroaded through the Commons in a gob-smacking six days. This means that not only will important details of the Bill be left unscrutinised, but that the public is more or less excluded from that process.

The justification has changed from the “terrorists” being released from Belmarsh… to the Law Lords judging that indefinite detainment without charge or trial was unjustifiable and hence unlawful — because the Home Office has decided that they aren’t even dangerous enough to be held under house arrest and will merely be kept under police surveillance.

For anyone that still thinks we live in a democracy, note that even if you did FaxYourMP, Blair’s three-line whip means you’re likely to get ignored.
Oh yeah, and the government has already threatened to override our last hope of democracy (the House of Lords) using the Parliament Act.

Further information here along with a list of New Labour’s other Draconian laws.


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