March 17, 2005

Early 2005 election campaign

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:34 pm by David Gould

Given the Tories’ failure to select a figurehead who actually comes across OK on TV, their election campaign has been as brilliant as Labour’s has been a disaster.

The Tories have been highlighting very emotive issues to grab headlines and take the initiative from Labour. Although cases like Margaret Dixon could have happened under any government, it promoted a public debate on a major failing of this government: despite the billions pumped into the NHS, it is just as bad as it was under the Tories.

Labour today announced that the Tories’ long-time spending plans do not match theirs, trying to spin this into ‘£35 billion worth of cuts to health & education’.

This shows exactly how stupid Blair thinks the public are.

Furthermore, the Tories merely have to reframe it as ‘£35 billion savings on public sector waste’ and the media debate will back up their claim.


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