March 28, 2005

Tactical Voting and Electoral Reform

Posted in Democratising Britain at 11:10 pm by David Gould

In case it isn’t obvious, we no longer live in a democracy.

However, we get one chance every 5 years to make the government listen.

If, like most of the country, we think Blair should go, we must vote tactically. If we believe in democracy, ironically we must still vote tactically. More importantly, we must persuade as many people as possible to vote tactically.

Labour’s claim that tactical voting will let the Tories back in is yet another lie. As electoral analysis shows, for the Tories to have any power whatsoever, they would have to poll 10.3% higher than Labour, requiring a further swing of ~16% ie. nothing to worry about.

What we are looking for is a Tory vote 1-9% higher than Labour. This will force Labour to form a coalition with the LibDems in return for electoral reform.

Here are two websites that make it easy for you to vote tactically:

The first simply tells you the most likely non-Labour candidate to win in your constituency. The second gives you much more detail, reflecting current polls but is definitively anti-war.

Under our current electoral system, your vote only counts if your candidate wins. Therefore, it is pointless voting unless you vote for a candidate who can win.

New Labour lied yet again when they promised a referendum on proportional representation in 1997. They did set up a commission which recommended the AV+ electoral system similar to that used in Scotland, Wales and Australia.


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  1. Richard said,


    Will you be refusing to vote for the Tories over the ID Card issues, given your 1952 committee membership?


  2. Dave said,

    Hi Richard,

    I disagree with Mr Howard & Neo Labour on ID Cards and I disagree with LibDem on wasting more money on public services that only serves to make them less efficient. Did you realise that Neo Labour have spent a staggering extra 150 billion on education and the NHS? Considered along with the house price boom that has created a genuine 2-tier society, Gordon Brown should hang his head in shame.

    We are lucky in Bristol West to have a 3 horse race.

    Neither the Tories nor the LibDems can win this election. Consequently it’s all about electing about the best MP who won’t rubberstamp Blair’s decisions. My local LibDem candidate, Stephen Williams, recognises the dangers of ID Cards and has promised to vote against them at every opportunity. I will be voting for him.

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