June 3, 2005

Kill Bill 2

Posted in ID cards at 1:15 pm by David Gould

As most of you know, the Government’s Orwellian Database Bill is back on the agenda and due to be voted on in a couple of weeks. The Government indefensibly continue to call it the National Identity Card Bill, even though the Lords Committee on the Constitution called it “misleading”. One wonders what the Government have to hide.

Whilst the Bill is the same monstrosity that the Government tried (and nearly succeeded) to rush through Parliament last session, the Government’s justification for this massive intrusion into our privacy has shifted yet again.

No longer confident of selling the “It will help combat terrorism and illegal immigration” lies, the Government has switched to telling us that this clampdown will save us �1.3 billion a year in identity theft.

Hopefully, most of you will not be surprised to learn that this is yet another deliberate deception by Neo Labour. A perfectly operational ID Card scheme could only save �35 million of that �1.3 billion!

Even though the only published costing of the scheme shows that it’s likely to cost a family of four around �1000, it is by no means certain that the Bill will be defeated.
Blair’s effective majority of 72 (Sinn Fein never vote) means that even if the 80% of Conservatives, 50 Labour rebels and ALL the Liberal Democrats oppose the Bill, it will probably still pass into law. This is because nearly all Labour MPs do what Blair tells them. One embarrassing example is Dawn “Brain-Slug” Primarolo, MP for Bristol South, who has never voted against the Government despite over 700 opportunities.

Therefore it is our duty to make our representatives doubt this Bill, to vote against it if possible, or otherwise to stay away.
The newly renamed WriteToThem website (formerly FaxYourMP) is the easiest way to do this. All you need is 5 minutes and your postal & email addresses. I even wrote a standard letter for you to cut & paste, though please make alterations if you have time.


I wonder if you are as concerned as I am about the Government’s National Identity Card Bill:
– It will significantly shift control away from an already disempowered public, according to the Lords Committee on the Constitution.
– Our Unique Identity Numbers will allow any future government and even the CIA virtually unlimited access into our private lives.
– The only published costing of the scheme shows that it’s likely to cost a family of four around �1000.
– The Government’s track record on IT projects (eg CSA & NHS databases) is appalling – and these are far simpler projects.
– Biometric technology is unproven on such a scale and the current level of technology is clearly unsuitable.
– Secondary Legislation would allow things like RFID tags in the Cards to track our day-to-day movements.
– Our democracy doesn’t work well enough to stop function creep like forcing ISPs to allow all our internet activities to be indexed and searched by any future government.
– The existing powers of the police to harrass people to identify themselves biometrically will likely lead to a Police State.
– The ability to persecute minorities, protestors, people hiding from abusers etc would be unprecedented.
– None of the Government’s shifting justifications for the Bill stand up to scrutiny.

For all these reasons, will you please vote against the Bill in all subsequent Readings and do your best to prevent similar schemes eg e-passports being introduced under “royal prerogative”?


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  1. M Barnes said,

    Free country? Was, ID cards are not the answer. Are ID cards simply an over reaction to the so called war on terror? In simple terms, what happens to those people whose cards details turn out to be wrong if they screw up, and they will!
    Sort out immigration first, they have failed to do so, and that is easy! My private life is my own, i do not wish to live in suce a place if ID cards are introduced. ID cards are an expensive waste of more tax payers money, whats wrong with my passport anyway? A NO from me for the idea.

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