October 18, 2005

Have New Labour systematically legislated to abolish elections?

Posted in Totalitarianism at 7:04 am by David Gould

As you’re walking to work, imagine you pass a broken shop window. Later on, you hear that other shop windows have been broken, all belonging to an unpopular group of people. Such was Crystal Night, the first time that ordinary Germans realised that something was wrong.

The date was 9th Novermber, 1938. Hitler had been in power for almost 6 years. Goebbels spun that story in a way that blamed it on the Jews. Indeed, one might call it a stupid move, for why would a government ever want to reveal that it’s a fascist dictatorship?

So how do you transform a democracy into an authoritarian dictatorship? By simply transferring all power to your government.

In Britain, there are several checks and balances on the power of the government:

1. The British Constitution
2. The House of Lords
3. The Judiciary
4. Freedom of press/media
5. The Opposition
6. Public elections every 5 years

You might notice that 1, 2, 3 & 4 have been systematically attacked by New Labour. Also 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 depend on 1.

Unfortunately, our Constitution is spread over several documents and therefore few people have noticed that most of the less visible aspects of our Constitution have been rewritten.

In 2003, the Civil Contingencies Bill gave the Government unlimited control including the ability to rewrite our Constitution. This differs from Hitler’s Enablement Act only in the sense that the Government has yet to publicise it.

In April this year, the Prevention of Terrorism Act reversed the presumption of innocence and abolished habeus corpus (the right to a trial). After many elderly Lords stayed up several nights to block the Bill, it was set to expire after a year.

It is being replaced by the even more draconian 2005 Terrorism Bill, which allows innocent people to be locked up for 90 days without trial and also introduces internet censorship.

I have written extensively on the so-called ID Cards Bill. Behind the Bill is a deliberate numbering of the every citizen. This provides the foundation for collating all the data held on us. Combined with making international travel, employment & public services dependent on being registed, it gives any future government the means to quietly but effectively persecute any group they want. The Bill will probably be approved in the House of Commons tomorrow. Even if it doesn’t, the exact same numbering is part of the biometric passport scheme being introduced via the “democracy bypass” known as Royal Prerogative.

Once this is in place, and when the Human Rights Act is revoked, will anybody be able to stop this Government doing whatever it wants?


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  1. wendy said,

    its coming in 2008.

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