November 28, 2005

Bristol Buy Nothing Day 2005

Posted in Totalitarianism at 7:47 pm by David Gould

Got invited to hand out some No2ID leaflets so I went along expecting to be the only person who turned up…

Very busy Buy Nothing Day Bristol 2005

As it turns out, 30-40 campaigners were there – what a great bunch of people! We talked to hundreds of interested shoppers, fed them (for free), painted their faces (for free) and sang Christmas carols…

Must see video (you need VideoLan again)

The battle with the brass band continued into the late afternoon… Considering the instruments were mostly things like tin cans, a surprisingly good rhythm was established and we definitely had more shoppers dancing than the band did.

New Age poetry jam Bristol Buy Nothing Day 2005

I find most poetry self-indulgent tosh, but this poet was pretty good. His lyrics were all suggesting that it’s a teeny bit demeaning to spend your life as a consumer drone when you have the potential to experience incredible beauty in life, change the world etc. Dude – send me some lyrics/a URL.

Indymedia link and Xmas carol lyrics 😉

More pics


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  1. bnw said,

    Am I alone in finding hippie fests like this just a tad smug and preachy? Oh well, at least their heart’s in the right place I suppose.

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