December 14, 2005

Why would Clarke try to prevent the public from understanding the London bombings?

Posted in War on Terror at 4:48 am by David Gould

After 9/11, Blair started telling us “the rules of the game are changing”Guardian

This was to justify deporting innocent-until-proven-guilty Muslims to be tortured, as well as other totalitarian laws sneaked through under inconspicuous titles:

Civil Contingencies Act = unlimited legal power.
Regulation of Investigatory Powers = unlimited electronic surveillance.
ID Cards = unlimited accumulation and sorting of electronic surveillance (not yet passed).

Whether the threat is conventional or WMD, we need to know if we are dealing with it as well as possible, especially considering the strong criticism of Govt/JIC relations in the Butler report.

It is therefore quite chilling that Charles Clarke today told us that the British public are only entitled to the Govt version of what went on that day. (BBC)

These fundamental questions remain unanswered to any degree of satisfaction:

How much did British Intelligence know ahead of time?

The official answer so far is “nothing”. Now is that absolutely nothing, or nothing indicative?

Or is it a complete lie because many reports indicate they warned the Israeli embassy 6 mins before the first blasts? Further reports indicate that all 4 bombers had been tracked for over a year and one had been linked to a previous bombing attempt.

Further leaks have highlighted Haroon Aswat as a possible mastermind of both London bombings, as well as being a British intelligence asset.

What are the connections to Al Qaeda and 21/7 if any?

Probably the most obvious unanswered question.

Can anyone independently confirm the Government’s story?

Many eyewitnesses report evidence that the explosives were underneath the trains.

Although the bombers must have been caught on many CCTV cameras, authorities have not released any video of the men, only bizarre, easily-forgeable photos.

Further doubts arise from knowing that the only train the bombers could have taken from Luton was cancelled.


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