January 16, 2006

Blair to spy on political opposition

Posted in Totalitarianism at 1:01 am by David Gould

Tony Blair is preparing to scrap a 40-year ban on tapping MPs’ telephones, despite fierce Cabinet opposition, The Independent on Sunday can reveal. He is expected to formally announce to the Commons within weeks that MPs can no longer be sure that the security services and others will not intercept their communications.Independent

We continue to struggle to give Blair the benefit of the doubt. As SpyBlog writes:

Is this an outrage against democracy and further evidence of the slide towards an authoritarian NuLabour police state ?
Or is it an attempt to regulate or stop an existing illegal political bugging operation ?

Blair has a lot to gain by tapping David Cameron’s and Gordon Brown’s phones. But presumably this announcement would just mean that Cameron and Brown can simply switch to a more secure form of communication.

Is it then an indication of Blair’s complete disregard for anyone’s privacy? Will this changeLabour MPs pro-ID excuse of “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear”?


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