April 21, 2006

Why are New Labour publicising the BNP?

Posted in Totalitarianism at 3:09 pm by David Gould

New Labour are masters at spin. Alistair Campbell controls media exposure so tightly that we can definitively say that every TV appearance is orchestrated from the highest level.

How then did New Labour benefit from Margaret Hodge using her privileged access to go on TV to say that 8/10 of her constituents were thinking of voting BNP? The BNP have been clamouring for credibility ever since the detestable Nick Griffen took over. Hodge just handed them that credibility on a silver platter.

I did some research. Hodge is Jewish, and therefore probably does not support the BNP. I was baffled…

… At least until I saw Frank Field MP’s astonishing letter in the Daily Telegraph.

I couldn’t help noticing that he’d used the same propaganda techniques the BNP use. If you want to play this game, read the article first and only then compare your notes with mine…

1. Appeal to authority whilst presupposing “their community [is] being taken over by Bangladeshis.” Readers tend to accept whatever is presupposed, without even noticing they’ve done so, and with scant regard for the objectionable language. Did Field intend to plant this message in his readers’ subconsciouses?
“The New East End, by Geoff Dench and Kate Gavron, starts by asking poor white East Enders what they object to as they witness their community being taken over by Bangladeshis.”

2. This in turn plays the race card. It’s not yet well known that nearly everyone is a little bit racist. If you don’t believe you are, take the Arab Muslim IAT. Is appealing to people’s racial prejudices to get votes more or less despicable than racism itself?

3. Use of group to indict itself ie “I’m not a racist, the Bangladeshis themselves are saying the same thing”.
“Dench and Gavron record how surprised Bangladeshis were at receiving free access to welfare.”

4. Presupposing that welfare isn’t aligned with strong and sustainable communities and that it will be courageous to realign it.
“It will take a considerable amount of courage to realign welfare with the collective values that are crucial to underpinning strong and sustainable communities.”

I won’t comment on his suggested reforms except to say that the first and third are amateurish and I’ve seen better ideas from schoolchildren.

Instead, I want to talk about the deeply disturbing statements towards the end of the article

“the Government would be reconnecting with its once bedrock supporters by insisting that the collective rights should come first”

What are collective rights? Who needs more protection, the able majority or the weak minority? What Field is saying here is that votes are more important than human rights!

“Political correctness on individualised rights now runs deep in the Parliamentary Labour Party.”

What a joke! How many times now have the Parliamentary Labour Party passed legislation which has contravened the Human Rights Act? Answer: Twice already: the Terrorism Act 2000 (which was used to lock up people in Belmarsh for 3 years without even bothering to question them, never mind present evidence) was the first. Its replacement, the control orders of the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 were ruled incompatible on exactly the same principle, the right to a fair hearing. The European Commissioner for Human Rights has already advised that the insidious ID Cards Act contravenes the HRA as the Register will contain (vastly) more intrusive data than is necessary for the purpose of establishing identity.

Perhaps this is why Fields apparently wants to repeal the HRA?
“exemptions from the human rights legislation would be insisted on”

The HRA is the only legal protection stopping this Government locking innocent people in dungeons for years on end, or torturing them. I say stopping, but of course I’ve already indicated that’s not true, and the control orders ruled illegal still persist. Are torture flights still passing through our airbases?

The HRA is the only legal protection stopping the creation of an Orwellian Big Brother state.

Is it a coincidence that the Government specifically blocked the HRA being amended by the unspeakably terrifying Democracy Bypass Bill?

In a flash, it became obvious to me why New Labour are deliberately giving credibility to the BNP. The most authoritarian credible party in Britain isn’t electable.

A credible BNP makes New Labour look moderate.


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