May 7, 2006

8 days until Blair forces dictatorship on Britain

Posted in LRRA, Totalitarianism at 6:23 pm by David Gould

I have twice previously written about Blair’s apparent path towards dictatorship.

I have yet to write about the most dangerous Bill yet. Called the Abolition of Parliament Bill by some, the Totalitarianism Bill by others, the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill (LRRB) is even more dangerous than the Civil Contingencies Act.

LRRB enables ministers to rewrite our constitution with only rudimentary scrutiny. Consider the extraordinary mass surveillance / coersion implications of the ID Cards Act. Even the well-organised opposition could not stop this legislation.

What chance then of:
1. Spotting obscure but deeply damaging clauses hidden in the boring legislation?
2. Motivating the Tories, LibDems and enough New Labour drones to subsequently block it?

LRRB is then carte blanche for Blair to do what he will with this country. Why can we deduce of his plans?

New Labour already rejected an amendment to stop LRRB re-writing our most important constitutional laws. They then promised to introduce new amendments fulfilling the same thing. Our skepticism was once again justified. This is more than enough evidence that Blair wants dictatorial powers.

LRRB is obviously a precursor to passing laws which Parliament wouldn’t otherwise pass.

Considering the deeply scary laws he’s got through Parliament, the likelihood is that he wants something so badly, and so unpalatable that he won’t even risk presenting it for proper Parliamentary scrutiny.

– He does not need Parliamentary approval to invade Iran
– He already has Hitler’s Enabling Act.
– He has already passed RIPA and the ID Cards Act for more Big Brother snooping than anything China or North Korea have.
– He already has locked up people for 3 years without trial or even being questioned – although he has been twice been ‘told off’ for breaching the Human Rights Act in this way.

I do not believe that he needs LRRB to repeal the HRA. When every other explanation has been ruled out, whatever remains, however unlikely, must be considered. I think something much worse is coming although I dread to think what.

The final reading of LRRB in the Commons will take place on 15th May. For the sake of your family and friends, please join the Save Parliament Campaign and write to your MP immediately.

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