June 24, 2006

Blair’s justification for overriding the rule of law

Posted in Totalitarianism at 6:56 pm by David Gould

I set about tracking down the Prince of Darkness ahead of his visit to Bristol.  The Evening Post were offering 50 places in the audience…
So I tipped off Bristol Indymedia hoping to get as many activists into the audience as possible.
Unsurprisingly, only one activist (from Stop the War) actually got invited.

STW tipped me off as to the exact time and date of Blair’s lecture.  I rang around the local media who universally didn’t know, even the EP, whose reporter told me the Govt had demanded the audience list 3 days in advance, presumably to vet it for anyone with an interest in human rights.

So if you had thought that Blair was interested in any kind of open debate, now you know.

Here is what he actually said:
And the reason that it raises such profoundly disturbing questions about liberty in the modern world, is this. Because we care, rightly, about people’s civil liberties, we have, traditionally, set our face against summary powers; against changing the burden of proof in fighting crime; against curbing any of the procedures and rights used by defence lawyers; against sending people back to potentially dangerous countries; against any abrogation of the normal, full legal process.But here’s the rub. Without summary powers to attack ASB – ASBO’s, FPN’s, dispersal and closure orders on crack houses, seizing drug dealers assets – it won’t be beaten.

So the War on Drugs is the new(?!) excuse for summary powers (which means punishment without trial).  Note that when Blair says “we” here, he means every decent Briton and not himself. Blair has already used summary powers on peaceful protestors, has fought the Law Lords trying to send asylum seekers back to be tortured in places like Zimbabwe and has completely disregarded the rule of law over locking people up in Belmarsh for 3 years without even questioning them.

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