July 2, 2006

Is our ‘democracy’ still on the verge of destruction?

Posted in LRRA at 1:31 am by David Gould

The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill was amended to the apparent satisfaction of the Commons.  I find it hard to see why.  Here is the first line:
“A Minister of the Crown may by order under this section make any provision which he considers would…”

any provision” means literally that. A law swearing allegiance to the new Emperor-For-Life Tony Blair perhaps.

he considers” is what New Labour put in the Bill after it had been reported in newspapers as “a nightmare plot“, “truly how democracy is extinguished” and “almost unfettered power“.

Just for this moment, I’m going to consider that everyone should swear allegiance to the new Emperor-For-Life Tony Blair because of X, Y & Z. OK, done that. Anyone going to prove otherwise?

Now, can somebody explain why any minister can’t do the same thing?

In the Commons, the Govt blocked an amendment which would change “he considers” into “he reasonably considers“.

The only logical conclusion is that the Govt wants to be able to pass laws that a minister unreasonably considers to fulfil some purpose.  This is an example of the so-called safeguards in this Bill.  A child could write better laws.  Now remember that Blair was a lawyer and thus these safeguards are deliberately designed to be circumvented.

The sensible way to produce a de-regulation Bill would be to list all the Laws which it could deregulate in the Bill – as suggested by John Redwood.

The Lords have now published their amendments and the first simply scraps the whole subjective phrase.  Is there any chance at all that New Labour will accept this amendment?

Earlier, they blocked an attempt to exempt our constitutional laws from this Bill. Again, one can only assume that New Labour wants to rewrite our constitution for its own purposes. To abolish elections perhaps.

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