July 5, 2006

An evening with David Shayler

Posted in War on Terror at 12:28 am by David Gould

The first time I saw David Shayler, he was sitting in the garden of The Cube cinema, being interrogated by a transsexual.

Shayler was introducing a new film co-produced by himself and Adrian Connock regarding the unconvincing official investigation into the London bombings.

Shayler talks too much about 9/11 for my liking.  Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.  Most of the 9/11 Truth claims require specialist understandings of things like thermite.

If anything is going to reverse people’s assumptions on 9/11, it’s asking where the US airforce was, especially those planes from McGuire airforce base, minutes away from New York.

Anyway, I got invited to the party that followed, finding myself sitting on a garden bench next to a pretty blonde woman.  Shayler sat the other side of me and started talking about why he didn’t need a bodyguard.

The blonde next to me made a sarcastic remark.  I looked at her and she said “It’s OK, he’s my boyfriend.”

So there I was surrounded by Shayler on one side and his delightful partner, Annie Machon, on the other.

Annie is both intelligent and eloquent, and suffers visibly at the way she and especially her partner are treated.  She left MI5 at the same time and for the same reason “Dave” did: it is only because Dave had a higher clearance that he reported that MI6 paid Al-Qaeda £100,000 to kill Colonel Gaddafi in 1996.

They have been persecuted ever since, including 7 weeks in jail for Dave and an alleged attempt on his life.

They are both charismatic and credible – and thus their story is tragic.  One feels very sympathetic to their case.

Anyway, back to the extraordinary and contradictory coverage of London bombings.

First we’re told that these attacks used “military explosives” and that Netanyahu was warned.

Then we’re told that Netanyahu wasn’t warned and these “clean skin” attacks had the “hallmarks of Al-Qaeda”.

Then we’re told that they used “home-made explosives” and that Haroon Aswat was the suspected ringleader.

Then we’re told that the shooting of JC de Menezes was “linked to the terrorist attacks” and that he vaulted the turnstile wearing both a padded jacket & rucksack.

Then we’re told it was nothing to do with Al-Qaeda.

Then we’re told that the 4 7/7 bombers acted alone.

Then we’re told that MI6 had been trailing them but decided to stop.

Then we get the official reports that make no mention of Haroon Aswat’s 20 calls to the bombers, Netanyahu, nor the fact that the Luton train they were supposedly on was cancelled, nor the exact type of explosive that was used.

Then we’re told that the CIA & FBI had been trailing them.

Now we’re being told that the 4 bombers weren’t acting alone and that others will be prosecuted…

Why are all these conflicting reports coming from different groups?

It’s not difficult to see why the Govt won’t give us an independent inquiry.  But when you look at the farce which was Forest Gate and other anti-terror operations, the invasion of Iraq and other attacks on the Muslim world, could we be doing anything more to encourage terrorist activity here in Britain?

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