December 17, 2006

The Murky Career of Dame Elisa Manningham-Buller

Posted in War on Terror at 3:26 am by David Gould

Amusingly, the newspapers have started to assume that “a good day to bury bad news” means the bad news is probably worthy of further investigation.

The Daily Mail decided to link Dame Elisa’s resignation with an apparent exclusive that Haroon Aswat’s bomber friends were “photographed and recorded on several occasions”.

My suspicions about Dame Elisa were aroused when she timed her speech (about 1600 terrorists in Britain who MI5 weren’t arresting for some unspecified  reason & giving up our rights) to precede Blair’s recent offensive on ID cards.

MI5 have a surveillance database very much like the ID database Blair is trying to build ie a series of identity numbers which link to your records in other databases.

Now, Manningham-Buller was appointed just after the Govt started talking about ID cards in July 2002.

She was not a universally popular choice. In particular, question marks remain over her management of the highly dubious official account of the Lockerbie bombing.

Blair promised to re-open the Lockerbie investigation, but broke that one too. The Libyan, Megrahi, who was one of two prosecuted is looking set for a retrial after, amongst other things, a Scottish former police chief testified that the CIA planted evidence incriminating Megrahi.

On the fateful Pan-Am 102 flight, the dead included Major Charles Dennis McKee, one of America’s top spies, and 4 other members of his team who were trying to co-ordinate a rescue of American hostages in Lebannon.

Pan-Am hired their own private investigators headed by none other than former Mossad agent Juval Aviv, upon whom the lead assassin “Avner” is based in Spielberg’s 2005 film, Munich (you can’t make this up).
Aviv uncovered a plot involving the Iranians, the Syrians and a drug-dealing CIA unit…

Time magazine cover story – Pan Am 103, Why Did They Have to Die?

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