June 16, 2010

The real reason Diane Abbott was promoted on to the Labour leadership ballot?

Posted in Politics at 11:26 pm by David Gould

Anyone studying Cameron might realise that he perfectly out-manoevred Labour for the centre and was only denied victory by a combination of the bias in the electoral system and (no matter what others have said) tactical voting effectively for a hung parliament. FWIW, I’m happy with the coalition and made £150 from a £100 bet. 😉

Portillo made an interesting comment on the last This Week that the coalition has centre ground completely covered and that Labour have absolutely nothing to attack. Their strategies of:

  1. Attacking ‘LibDem’ cuts… fails because everyone knows their overspending caused them.
  2. Attacking instability of the coalition…  just makes it look like the Coalition are doing a great job holding it together for the sake of the country.

Where on Earth are Labour going to position themselves? Authoritarian? Pro-debt crisis?

Now bear in mind that there’s a Labour leadership debate going on: a completely different race with different positioning required.

But candidates can’t go back on the early leadership positioning, they’re stuck with it.  So whilst they’d need to take some serious and possibly unpopular positioning in order to gain the edge over the other white, ex-special advisor, middle-aged Oxbridge candidates, positioning yourself against the ultra-left Dianne Abbott is a lot easier.


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